New 2024 Pan America Special
I picked up my 2024 Pan America today from Mike Brunos Northshore HD. This is my 4th bike from Northshore and every time it has been positive . but today was the best. The whole crew there went out of their way to make it a positive/fun experience. Special shout out to Gaige and Ryann. Gaige did a great job figuring out exactly what bike I wanted, then locating the exact bike. Then he worked with me to get a deal I was happy with before I ever drove to Slidell. When I got to the shop, Ryann took care of me ensuring that I knew every menu and every button on the bike. The Pan America has a-lot of tech. She even paired my phone to the bike, to my helmet and ensured the GPS was inter-grated with the HD app on my phone. I have bought lots of cars, boats and motorcycles and she spent more time ensuring I had what I needed than any other sales person I have ever dealt with. Plus she kept it fun. Great experience with the Team at Northshore HD ! (Employee: Ryann Hudson, Gaige Nicolosi)
Stephen Scaturro
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