2012 Ultra limited SunShine
As Rick has been my salesman since 2007, I called to inform him I was on my way to the dealership. Mikey informed me that Rick was on vacation and said , come see me. When I arrived, Mikey, Jay, and Anastasia met me out front. I looked at several bikes while Mikey asked what I want and how they may help me. After careful consideration, and the realization of how exceptionally clean the 2012 ultra limited is, Malcom engaged and took me out on the road for a test ride. The bike performed as expected. When we returned to the dealership, Brian and Susan were busy making numbers work. As I sat there, pondering the possibility that this maybe the one to push my wife over the edge and cost me my life, Ryan jokingly asked why I didn't call her... Off to play poker and Fozzy informed Mikey the sale was costing him a parts sale for the FXBB, which was being returned... As always, the crew made buying a bike a fun and relaxing . It was odd without Rick, but we were with him in thought. Thank you, NS Team!! (Employee: Brian Elliott)
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