More than a sale they treat you like family
I want to thank Mike Bruno's Northshore Harley-Davidson team especially Gaige Nicolosi and Jay! Above and beyond is an understatement!! I had a price range and deposit that I was determined to stay in not only did they get me an amazing deal but they walked me through each department and I got to meet and speak to everyone about how everything works. Jay was such a pleasure to meet he wasnt pushy and actually listened to me when I said what I was comfortable with and wasnt. Instead of just putting me on whatever bike they could they made sure I was comfortable and happy and I could tell that was their intentions to make sure I was comfortable and happy. AND jay even took me outside to work on clutching and finding friction zone and basic tips and treats. I cant tell yall how thankful I am they were the ones to take care of me. Hands down will always be my referral to anyone wanting to buy a bike ..Especially new females riders (Employee: Gaige Nicolosi)
Lacey Rico
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