Customer Service Makes ALL the Difference
Like to start off by saying I tried to make a deal at Northshore HD but was unable to close a deal. Just rode my older RG to Florida on 7/29/22- 7/30/22 to be at the dealership for opening on Saturday. Made the deal on another RG and headed back home. To make a long story short, Voltage Regulator gave up the ghost and then the battery voltage started dropping rapidly. I made it to Northshore HD just as the battery light came on. It was almost 8:00 in the evening and did not expect to find anyone around. To my surprise, Brian Elliott, the sales manager was still there and came out to talk with me. I gave him the situation and explained the fact that I was a mechanic and all I needed was a new regulator. Brian Elliott went way way above and beyond to help me get a new part which they had on the shelf. I changed it out and in about an hour was back on the road. I know he was trying to get back home but put me first and waited until the bike started up again before he went to his family. Awesome Dude! Thanks *****
Curtis Shoop
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